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Please Read!!! We Need Help!!

Hello everyone!! Recently a lot of my loyal readers told me that my and my team’s work/translation was stolen and our works are everywhere on the thieves’ websites. My team and I feel extremely upset, stressed, depressed and we even lost our interest, passion, and motivation to translate. What makes us more upset, stressed, depressed, we found some readers even supporting those thieves’ websites by reading our works/translation on their websites. Did you all know, by reading our works/translation on the thieves’ website, you are funding them? Life is really not fair. The thieves’ websites are getting more traffic and generating more income without any hard work and we, as the scanlators, have to work 7 days per week and work more than 12 hours per day but we’re getting nothing. What disgusted us is the thieves’ website even put their watermark on our work/translation. We have reported to Google DMCA but seem no action taken. We are lost now. We wish to continue but now we have a lot of difficulties continuing translation. If anyone of you has good suggestions on what should we do against those thieves, please leave a comment to tell us.

Another problem we are facing now is our biggest network ad, GA is punishing our website since 6 months ago by setting a ‘visit site’ button on the ads on our website. Because of the penalty by GA, they’ve limited the ads on our website and our earnings dropped a lot by 90%. The reason GA is punishing us is that there are many accidentally clicks on the ads on our website.

We have tried to work with other network ads but their revenue is not as good as GA. For the past 6 months, Manga SY is using her own pocket money to run the website by paying hosting fees, purchasing raw chapters, translators fees, and maintenance fees.

We know a lot of readers are complaining about too many ads on our website, but we really have no other choice. The hosting and maintenance fee in our country is really expensive. We know some readers even use adblocker to block the ads and there are even some selfish and mean readers that curse our website is a garbage website by placing so many ads. The harsh words really make us so upset. Why should we have to listen to so many harsh words after we sacrifice our time to translate free manhua to everyone?

To be honest, now we are only can maintain our website for another 3 months that is until April 15, 2022. If GA keeps punishing us by limiting the ads and setting the ‘visit site’ button’ on our website, we have to say ‘bye bye’ to every reader and we’ll close down our website.

So, we need every reader to help and co-operate with us. Please don’t keep repeating clicking the ads. Just click if you are interested. For those sticker ads or top and bottom ads, please click the (x) carefully to close it, and please don’t accidentally click on other ads. If you accidentally click on the ads, don’t panic, wait for a few seconds about 15-20 seconds, and then click to go back to our website. This will help us a lot. Please turn off your adblocker or whitelist our website to support us.

Some readers even suggested we collect donations monthly or lock our chapter. We don’t wish to lock our chapter because we want every reader to read for free. We feel ashamed to ask for donations from readers as we know everyone is having a hard time during pandemic times. But if anyone feels to support us by monthly donations or one-time donations, please click on the ‘donation’ button to support us. Or if anyone has any suggestions, please leave a comment to tell us. Thank you.


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